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Collection Agency

We are prepared to make a very bold statement.  BEAM is the best collection software package you've never heard of!  Beam Software has been quietly building its solution for 11 years now.  No glitz.  No glamour.  No giant trade show booths or marketing gimmicks.  Just quality software with a growing list of satisfied clients acquired largely by word-of-mouth advertising.  With almost 100 clients using BEAM, we figured it's time to let the market in on our secret.

Collection agents find BEAM to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and incredibly fast because they don't have to toggle between screens to work an account.  Supervisors like their ability to view agents' screens in real-time, monitor posted and future payments as they are entered into the system, and use BEAM's drag & drop tools to deliver visibility and control with just a few mouse clicks.  This is serious debt collection software.

Technology Integration

BEAM interfaces with industry leading information service providers like LexisNexis, Experian and TransUnion to help ensure that you have access to the latest data available for all phases of debt cycle management.  Triggering certain events in real-time, BEAM will help your staff determine the best course of action for an account.  Dynamic paths to successful account resolution can be identified from your own portfolio data allowing you respond to trends.  Deciphering data and recognizing trends typically takes a period of weeks or months to interpret in other systems.

BEAM also provides a fully integrated suite of computer telephony tools, allowing for click to dial, call recording, intelligent dialing campaigns, and inbound screen popping for agents.  This feature set provides significant value by saving you time and money over the acquisition of these tools separately from multiple providers.

The BEAM Difference

Our motto, "Our Difference is Our People," is truly where we hang our hat.  From executive management to software developers to our support staff, we have decades of industry-specific experience.  Both our product and service show it.  There are no smoke and mirrors.  There are no empty promises; just our commitment to you to deliver quality software and exceptional support.  Our integrity and reputation in the industry remain our number one priority.  When you choose BEAM you're not only choosing a great software platform; you're choosing the people that stand behind it.  That's our difference.

Technology and Tools

We all know this industry.  Information flows at the speed of life!  New sources, new services and new horizons.  BEAM is engineered with leading technologies to leverage all avenues of data aggregation and manipulation, allowing you to create your own secret sauce in today's highly competitive environment.

BEAM contains a built-in telephony suite allowing for click to dial, dialing campaigns, and inbound call routing and screen pops for collection agents.  Your agents don't even have to be logged into your predictive dialer to take advantage of these tools.  This functionality provides a significantly added value by saving you time and money over the acquisition of these tools separately from multiple vendors.

Data Analytics

Some customers like to see data.  BEAM customers like to consume it.  Our software comes with sophisticated data analysis capabilities to allow you to manage your inventory, mine your data and view your business in terms that are meaningful to you.  Many systems hold your data hostage and make it difficult if not impossible to access.  BEAM allows you to create and save an unlimited number of searches and use the same technology to quickly create work lists, data exports, reports and dialing campaigns with a few simple mouse clicks.


Our ever-changing regulatory environment is taking its toll on collection agencies more than any other entities in our market space.Changing state requirements, unpredictable CFPB regulations, new rules by the FTC and the TCPA all make maintaining your business and remaining compliant more challenging.  BEAM helps you begin managing that burden by storing your data in SASE No.  16, IAASB ISAE 3402 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 certified data centers.

Quality of Service

If you have ever been oversold or if someone has ever over-promised and under-delivered, then you know that quality service can sometimes be hard to find.  It is truly our goal to provide exceptional service to our customers.  At Beam Software, our customers swear by us, not at us.  Your support and dedication to our software is not only very important, it is the cornerstone of the very brand we are trying to build.

By choosing BEAM you have placed your trust in us.  We are committed to delivering on that promise in order to preserve your trust.

Feature Set:

  • Allow BEAM to automatically submit & process scheduled, debtor electronic payments for you
  • Create, print and view letters using Microsoft® Word
  • Set up individual or pooled collection queues and use the BEAM debtor payment portal to collect payments online
  • Effectively manage clients, attorneys and vendors with BEAM's built-in CRM tool
  • Use the flexible file conversion wizard to easily map & import new business
  • Provide collectors with up-to-the-minute totals for payments, postdates and promises against their monthly goal
  • Sort and group accounts for easy queue management by dragging & dropping
  • Let the BEAM Campaign Manager automatically feed your collectors' accounts in the order you want them to be worked
  • Use the BEAM Web Portal to drag & drop collectors into and out of dialer campaigns and work queues
  • Swiftly manage account restrictions like disputes, bankruptcies, cease & desists and deceased debtors
  • Using BEAM's SearchCore technology, drill into your inventory to quickly create work lists, data exports, reports and campaigns with a few simple mouse clicks
  • Access collection performance statistics from any browser or your iPhone
  • Gain real-time insight into collection performance and productivity with collector & management dashboards
  • Use BEAM or any browser to monitor your collectors' activity by viewing their collection screens in real-time

Visit our Contact Us page and schedule a product demonstration today.  Or just pick up the phone and call.  You never know what can come out of a good old fashioned conversation!

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