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The BEAM project began with the idea that, if we could increase the speed and ease with which companies do business together, more companies would.  Debt purchasing was becoming an industry segment that increasingly relied on the ability to react quickly to new strategies, including the ability to strategically outsource work to agencies and attorneys.  

To make such a system work, the hardware and collection software engineering would have to be second-to-none.  BEAM's earliest architects saw to that.  With experience that includes having written the precursor to Quicken called Managing Your Money and over a decade of development work for major Wall Street investment firms like Fidelity and Ameritrade, we began building much more than just collection software.  We started a community.

The BEAM Team

Robert Morris

Bob began his first re-trade/loan sale activities in early 1992.  Shortly thereafter his debt purchasing firm began participating in balance transfer credit card programs on an experimental basis.

In 1997, together with Oliphant Financial, Bob participated in the formation of the industry's first trade organization for the debt buyer community, which came to be known as Debt Buyers' Association.  He became the president of the Debt Buyers' Association in 2002.  Bob is a true thought leader in the purchase and sale of both performing and non-performing receivables and is the driving creative force behind the development of BEAM.

Thomas Mohr

Tom has over 30 years of experience in the industry having cut his teeth in collections in 1989 with one of the nation's top 10 bank holding companies in Buffalo, New York.  In 1993 he continued his collections career by accepting a position with a local collection agency that was acquired by NCO in the mid-nineties.

He moved to Virginia in 1998 to work the technology side of collections with Columbia Ultimate.  Since then, Tom has further developed his domain experience in collection technology as well as agency operations, telephony and the sale of collection agency services.  Tom now uses his expertise and technical knowledge to the benefit of the credit grantors, debt buyers and sellers, collection agencies, debt servicers and investment firms that choose BEAM.

Kevin Breton

Kevin Breton hails from upstate New York and brings 25 years of software development management with him.  His understanding of the collection software lifecycle along with his ability to lead multiple teams have allowed him to bring tremendous value to Beam.  Kevin has successfully architected software solutions and product enhancements for customers like Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, Samsung and Philips.

Since Kevin joined the team in 2010, his impact on the direction of BEAM's development has significantly moved the product forward in terms of usability, efficiency and reliability.


The BEAM Network

The BEAM Network is a community of credit grantors, debt buyers & sellers and collection agencies all working together on the same software platform to facilitate business with one another.  Availing your organization to BEAM's growing network of users will promote your company and can provide business development opportunities.

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